Melvin Benzaquen is a veteran of the industry

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Restoring classic cars is not always as easy as people will assume it will be. This is why many people choose to bring their classic cars that they want restored in to an expert. Melvin Benzaquen is a veteran of the industry who has years of experience in working with all sorts of classic cars. He listens carefully to clients and ensures that the project is restored in the way that the client is asking.

Many people have to abandon their restoration projects because of a lack of time or because they do not have the technical expertise that is required in order to do justice to the vehicle and its past. However, they often still want to see the finished project—which is where Melvin Benzaquen and his Classic Restoration Enterprise comes in. He runs this garage so that any car that comes to them will be treated with respect. Melvin Benzaquen insists on each and every project being done in a timely manner, so that clients can have their classic cars back as soon as is possible.